Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Wish on the Wall

It allows people to express their thoughts on a common topic easily.
Allows people to create to-do lists.
It allows companies,restaurants,etc to collect feedback.
In one post, you are only able to type 160 words and if you exceed the limit, it is tiring to create a new post and you may lose your “train of thought”
The wall is too small and if many people paste stickies on the wall, it will be very crowded.
It can be used as an announcement board.

Wishes on the Wall

Monday, December 13, 2010

Places I visited in Singapore

View Places that I have been to. (Joshua Leong) in a larger map


What I did at these places:
At the Merlion:
I went there with my family for a outing and also took fantastic photos.

At the Singapore Flyer:
I took a ride up the Flyer and was amazed at how Singapore looked from above

At the Esplanade:
Went to catch a play but I forgot the play's name....sad.

How blogging can be part of my learning experience in SST

We can use blogging for discussions with our fellow students and also, our teachers so, they wont be left out in our discussions. We can post our problems, feelings,etc that we wish to share with our friends and this will help us understand one another much better. The more friends we have, tackling a problem will be easier and faster. Thus, blogging plays an important part of our learning experience in SST.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cite for the image of a happy yellow smilely face in a sea of sad faces


Note: All I did, was search Bing (http://www.bing.com/) for a "happy face" and I chose this image. I am not responsible for any of the information/item/photograph posted on the blog url above.

SST.... Confirmed!

I chose this picture because it exactly depicts my exact reaction(The Yellow Smilely Face) when I had heard that i was was confirmed for my posting into SST.